Announcements - Thursday 13th February 2014

Thursday, 13 February, 2014

Chocolates distributed at the entrance on the eve of Valentine Day donated by an anonymous member.                      
Biscuits for next week donated by another anonymous member.

Since we are celebrating Valentine’s Day Programme today, another anonymous member has taken the trouble to prepare home-made biscuits, which will be served at Tea Time as usual.
Many thanks from Kendra to all these anonymous donors.  Our Best wishes to them.

2. After lunch today we will celebrate and have a programme on Valentine Day. Jasuben Sheth has arranged a very interesting couple game in the form of Questions and Answers and there will be a prize of a Dinner for two.
It was indeed surprising to see that nearly 150 members remained after lunch for this programme. Normally not so many members remain after lunch.  As usual, Jasuben compered the game very well. She had got seven couples ready for the same.
Very interesting and hilarious questions were in store for the participant couples and most were caught out with their answers, which did not tally with his/her partner.
Dr Pragna and Yashwant Mandalia were the winners with both the partners getting correct answers. (They won the Dinner prize and will have a wonderful Valentine candle-lit Dinner.  Our Best wishes to them.) Thanks to all participants who gave hilarious answers.
At Tea time Kendra provided Tea with the lovely home-made biscuits donated by a member.

3. Tomorrow – Friday 50 members are visiting the Houses of Parliament for The House of Commons & Lords.  Vinod Parekh gave the following details : The tour will last 75 minutes and all joining in directly were requested to ensure that they come well in time – by 3.30 pm at the gate.  If not, they will not be allowed to enter.
All those who are joining from Wembley Park Underground Station, should reach latest by 2.10pm and wait on the Jubilee Line Southbound platform at the end to the last carriage.  We will leave after 2.15pm for Westminster Station, where we will use the exit towards the Westminster Bridge.
Once out of the station, turn left on Bridge Street (and NOT towards the river) and just down the road, turn into St. Margaret St and walk towards Gate No. 6 - Cromwell Green – where all members are meeting to enter the House by 3.30 pm.
SECURITY – Airport Type in operation – eg. Knives, sprays not allowed. No photography and Mobiles to be switched off.
TOILETS – Facility available in the main Hall.
FOOD/DRINKS – This is not allowed on the visitors route. You can buy at the end of tour from the Coffee Shop.
As rain is forecast – ensure you come well equipped.

4.  Next Thursday -20th Feb we have a talk by Jay Lakhani on Spirituality.

5. On 4th May we have arranged a trip to Manor House for 5 nights 6 days. We only have 3 rooms left and we will cancel this by the end of February if no more names are received. If you are interested, please give your names.

6. In June we have planned an Iceland Cruise on Queen Victoria.  One lady is looking for a partner to share a cabin and another gent is looking for a gent to share a cabin on the cruise. If anyone is interested, please contact Jayantbhai Doshi.  18 members are already booked and more names will only be taken if cabins are available.

7. On 20th March we will celebrate ‘Mothers Day’ on 20th March and Jasuben Sheth has requested  members to give their names. (members can speak on mothers, grand – mothers, etc).

8.  Our Annual General Meeting will be held on 27th March.  This will only be for submission of reports and there is no election ( as per our Constitution).

9. Vinod Parekh announced the details of the trip to the Houses of Parliament and also stated that those who bring cassettes/ DVD etc for free distribution should ensure that they collect whatever is left and take it with them.  We do not have any storage space and we will not be responsible for any left overs.