Announcements - Thursday 27th February 2014


Nimaben Kakaad

£1000 from Prafulla and Bakulchandra Jayantilal Kothari on the occasion of Shivratri and in memory of their son – Kunal’s grandparents – The late Jayalaxmi and Jayantilal Dhirajlal Kothari.  Kendra’s heartiest thanks and Best Wishes to them.  This donation is a milestone as it is the first time in the history of Kendra that members have donated such a large sum of four figures and more so as it is under ‘giftaid’ ( so Kendra will reclaim another £200).

1.After ‘Farari’ lunch today all Kendra members are invited to join in the Shivratri puja

Announcements - Thursday 20th February 2014

1.DONATIONS: £20 from Ashokbhai, who came with Jay Lakhani today.  Many thanks to him from Kendra.

2. We request all members that they maintain silence when they enter the Hall when Yoga or any programme is going on.  Also members should put their mobiles on silence mode and if it is necessary to talk, then go out of the Hall so as not to disturb others.  Volunteers in the Kitchen area should also note this.

3. After lunch today we will have a talk on Spirituality by Jay Lakhani on the Upstairs Hall and as usual at Tea Time, tea and biscuits will be provided by Kendra.

4. Next Thursday –

Announcements - Thursday 13th February 2014

Chocolates distributed at the entrance on the eve of Valentine Day donated by an anonymous member.                      
Biscuits for next week donated by another anonymous member.

Since we are celebrating Valentine’s Day Programme today, another anonymous member has taken the trouble to prepare home-made biscuits, which will be served at Tea Time as usual.
Many thanks from Kendra to all these anonymous donors.  Our Best wishes to them.

2. After lunch today we will celebrate and have a programme on Valentine Day.

Announcements - Thursday 6th February 2014

‘Chaas’  for the month of February is sponsored by  Mr & Mrs Harilal and Dayagauri Mistry.
Biscuits for today by an anonymous donor.
Biscuits for next week – by Bachubhai & Chandrakala Mehta.
Many thanks to all of them on behalf of Kendra.

2. DONATION: Two Hand Blenders – which we use for ‘chaas’ and 6 party Table Clothes from Dr Anil Gandhi and Jyotiben Gandhi.  Many thanks to them from Kendra.

3. After lunch today we have a comedy programme by Nimuben, which will be quite hilarious and as usual at Tea Time, Kendra will provide tea.  

4. On 13th Feb we will celebrate and have a

Announcements - Thursday 30th January 2014

1. We welcome members who have attended today.  However, several members are unable to attend today’s gathering due to ill health or personal reasons.  On behalf of Kendra, we pray that members with ill health recover soon. Also some members are having celebrations in the family, we wish them our heartiest congratulations and best wishes.  We pray for all members unable to come today to join us soon and take part in Kendra’s activities.

2. Today’s warm-up Yoga was conducted by Jayeshbhai Shah and as usual, Manishaben recited the prayers and everyone joined in.